•  The WienerFleet has been expanded. US hot dog vendor Oscar Mayer has announced new additions to its collection of hot-dog shaped vehicles to mark the release of its new line of hot dogs. This means the company's odd-shaped car collection now includes a Wienermobile, an unmanned Wiener Rover, a Wienercycle with a hot-dog shaped side-car, a Wienermini and a Wienerdrone. The first Wienermobile (which has its own Instagram account) dates back to 1936 and travels the country with a drivers called 'hotdoggers'.

US President Donald Trump is famous for his (often late night) tweeting. Now his tweets are getting the respect they deserve and being made into poetry. The Poet in Chief website uses an in-built algorithm to generate poems from his Twitter messages. Visitors to the site can click on each line of the poems to see which tweet it comes from.

The 'World's Ugliest Dog' was crowned at a ceremony in California earlier this month. Three-year-old Martha the Neapolitan mastiff took out the award for 2017, scoring $US1,500, a trophy and a trip to NYC. Second place went to the oldest dog in the competition, a 16-year-old Brussels Giffon-pug mix named Moe. For some images, check out The Guardian. Meanwhile, another dog, three-year-old pit bull Brynneth Pawltro, has beaten a cat, chicken and a donkey to become mayor of Rabbit Hash in Kentucky.