Soundwave tattoos

Video still from the Skin Motion website.

A tattoo that plays music? It's apparently now reality with an LA-based tattoo artist Nate Siggard, inspired after his girlfriend commented that it would be cool if a friend's tattoo of the waveform of song Tiny Dancer could also play the music, worked out how to create tattoos that, using a mobile device, can play a minute's worth of audio, whether a song or a message. Known as 'soundwave tattoos', they are activated by an app called Skin Motion. According to the tattoist's website, the app is due for release in June. As of Tuesday, more than 16,000 people have signed up on the waiting list (but the good news for those waiting is that Nate's signing up other tattoo artists to create the tattoos). 

•  Cardboard cut-outs of White House press secretary Sean Spicer have reportedly been popping up in bushes all over the world. The cardboard cutout craze started after a Washington Post article last week reported that Mr Spicer and his staff huddled near bushes in the White House grounds as reporters waited to ask questions about the firing of sacked FBI director James Comey. In response Canadian academic Lisa Kadonaga put a photo of Mr Spicer's head on a stick and put it in bushes near her home in Victoria. 'Garden Spicers' have since reportedly been seen as far afield as New Zealand after Professor Kadonaga posted instructions on how to make your own on Facebook.

It had the makings of a diplomatic incident. Leigh Turner, Britain's ambassador to Austria, reports that he was walking in a park, the Lainzer Tiergarten, on the outskirts of Vienna when he noticed a group of wild boar and walked slowly away. But moments late, he heard a sound "like [a] galloping horse" and turned to see "a massive wild boar, head down, charging straight at me". He sought refuge in a pile of tree trunks and was able to escape relatively unscathed (just some minor injuries to the hand, caused when he had to scramble to safety). The boar, satisfied that it had seen him off, trotted back into the forest.