Normal Easter eggs

SO PASSE: A plain chocolate Easter egg is just the start with an every increasing range of weird and wonderful flavours. PICTURE: Jean Scheijen/

People are looking to get creative this Easter, turning the humble chocolate Easter egg into a range of taste sensations. Among those reportedly available in the UK are cheese eggs, Scotch crème eggs, alcohol-infused eggs, eggs that look like real hen’s eggs but are actually chocolate and all kinds of flavoured chocolate eggs, including one combined with…ummm…Marmite. Hot cross buns, meanwhile, are also reportedly undergoing some changes – sure we’ve had chocolate hot cross buns for a while but in Australia now there’s everything from jaffa, to berry and white chocolate and apple and cinnamon. Meanwhile, in other Easter related news, turns out that the way you eat a chocolate Easter bunny can be quite revealing. A study has shown that 59 per cent of people start with the ears, while only four per cent start with the tail or feet. Amazing.

A Slovenian company has introduced interactive tombstones bound to liven up visiting the graves of departed relatives. The company, Bioenergija, has produced weather and vandal-proof tombstones featuring an interactive screen capable of hosting a variety of digital content. The first, 48 inch screen, is selling for €3,000.

Scientists have worked out one of life’s great mysteries – why shoelaces become untied no matter how tightly you tie them - but the answer won't come as a shock. Engineers from UC Berkeley in the US have found that forces act upon laces as we move, much like an invisible hand working away at undoing the laces. A study of how it happens shows that “knot failure” happens in just a few seconds. Hopefully they come up with a way of ensuring those laces stay tied.