Cookie Dough

From the DO website.

• Cup or cone is a question more usually reserved for ice-creameries but it’s also on the lips of staff at New York City’s newest odd eatery – DO, Cookie Dough Confections. Open for about a month, it serves lumps of raw, flavoured cookie dough in cones and cups and, according to one recent interview, they’re selling some 680 kilograms of the stuff every day for people to either consume then and there or take home and bake them or mix them with ice-cream. The dough comes in a range of flavours – from ‘commando’ (just plain dough) and ‘oatmeal M&M’ to ‘peanut butter snickerdoodle’ and ‘salty and sweet’. Mmmm?

• Russia is looking for a new generation of cosmonauts to land on the moon. Roscosmos, the national space agency, has reportedly launched a recruitment drive for up to eight cosmonauts to operate a still being built spacecraft which will take them to the moon where they will become the first Russians to set foot upon the lunar surface (a feat Russia wants to have under its belt by 2031). Applications are open for the next four months or so. Conditions do, of course, apply.

• And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Olly the Jack Russell’s enthusiastic effort at Crufts – the UK’s premier dog show – earlier this month. Olly didn’t win any prizes for skill – he took a face plant during one early jump and seemed to lose interest in the course a couple of times – but he won an 'A' for enthusiasm. The video speaks for itself.