Brussels sprouts

PICTURE: Vaughan Willis/

OK, this may not be pleasant for some. A fish and chip shop in Yorkshire, England, has reportedly added a new item to its Christmas menu – battered (and deep fried) Brussels sprouts. Amazingly, they have reportedly only had a couple of people give them the thumbs down and are selling scores of them every day. So encouraged have they been by the response that staff at Terry’s Traditional Fish and Chips intend in introducing a few more delicacies this Christmas season – battered stuffing balls and battered pigs-in-a-blanket. Hmmm.

Buy yourself a president. A wax museum in the storied US town of Gettysburg is reportedly selling its collection of US presidents and first ladies following its recent closure. The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum, which first opened its doors about 60 years ago, has been visited by thousands to see its life-sized presidents and one-third scale first ladies wearing reproductions of their inauguration gowns. The auction will take place in mid January at the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg.

Still in the US, and police in Fort Worth, Texas, have recently posted a couple of videos on their Facebook page showing why two recent would-be recruits didn’t make the cut. Among the reasons for their failure – Darth Vader’s “deep breathing issue” and the fact the Death Star blew up under his command; and a storm trooper’s terrible shooting. Of course, it’s all part of a recruiting drive for the force – whether or not it results in any more officers is yet to be seen but it’s certainly driven up the numbers looking at its Facebook page.