Kit Kat

A US uni student whose Kit Kat was stolen from his car by an opportunistic thief who left a note of apology has been swamped with 6,500 replacement bars by the maker of the chocolate bar. Hunter Jobbins reportedly left the Kit Kat in a cup holder in his unlocked car last month and arrived back to find it gone and a note which explained that he didn’t take anything other than the Kit Kat with the words, “! am sorry and hungry”. Jobbins took a picture of the note which went viral on Twitter and resulted in Hershey sending out a representative to Kansas State University with 6,500 chocolate bars. 

Forget planking or the ice bucket challenge, the ‘mannequin challenge’ is the latest craze sweeping the internet. The challenge involves a group posing and staying completely still while doing so. The #Mannequinchallenge, which was apparently started by a group of school students and has since become linked to the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd, has engaged everyone from professional sports teams like the New York Giants to presidential candidates (Hillary Clinton participated with singer Jon Bon Jovi in a bid to get people to vote) in the US and is growing.

Members of the Czech Velocipedists’ Club 1880 gathered in Prague recently to take part in the 23rd Prague Mile race – all riding “high wheel bicycles”, perhaps better known as the penny-farthing. Apart from the race itself, the event also involved participants – wearing traditional costumes - performing tricks where riders formed figure eights.