A Minister of State for Happiness? It may sound like something out of an George Orwell novel, but the government of Persian Gulf nation, the United Arab Emirates, has reportedly not only named a minister to "align and drive government policy to create social good an satisfaction", they've also named a Minister for Tolerance. Both posts have been filled by women. The UAE, according to the UN's latest World Happiness Report comes in number 20 in the list of happiest countries.

It's a quick way to get to ground floor sales. A shopping centre in Shanghai, China, has installed a sinuous five storey tall stainless steel slide inside which can apparently take shoppers from the top level to the ground floor in just 16 seconds. The 20 metre long slide, which will open to the public in coming weeks, was designed to resemble a dragon. It has already reportedly attracted its share of criticism over the dangers it may pose (and what do you do with your bags while rocketing downward inside a steel tube?).

Like Coke better in a glass than a can? There is, it turns out, a scientific basis for your preference. New US research has found the permeability of plastic allows more carbon dioxide to escape from the vessel than is the case with a glass bottle, meaning there's less fizz.

And lastly, it's another odd church - this week it's what's known as the '100 Walls Church' located in the Philippines. Designed by New York-based architectural firm CAZA, the maze-like white church in Cebu City has a seemingly endless series of interlinked spaces.