At least one enterprising New Yorker has seen the monster snow falls in the US - dubbed 'Snowzilla' - as an opportunity, creating an igloo which he then listed on Airbnb.Sadly, the handbuilt "boutique winter igloo for 2" in Brooklyn didn't stay listed for long - Airbnb reportedly had the listing removed, saying the property failed to meet construction standards. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, hundreds of Star Wars enthusiasts reportedly recreated the ice planet Hoth as they joined in a massive snowball fight after the massive blizzard. "Snow Wars: The Snowball Strikes Back", was organised by the Washington DC Snowball Fight Association on Sunday morning.

A church is being built in Taiwan in the shape of a giant glass slipper. Located in Budai in the country's south-west, it is hoped the 17 metre tall glass and metal structure - which will be used for weddings and photo shoots but not regular services - will bring more tourists to the area. The design has apparently been inspired by past tragedy - the BBC reports that according to local officials, there is a story that a 24-year-old girl suffering Blackfoot disease had to have both her legs amputated in the 1960s - a fact which led to her wedding being cancelled (she remained unmarried).

Bad news for moon landing conspiracy theorists who believe the 1969 moon landing was faked. An Oxford University physicist, Dr David Grimes, has worked out a mathematical way of showing how long a conspiracy can remain secret which reportedly shows that, based on how many people worked at NASA at the time of the first moon landing - 411,000, it would have only taken three years and eight months for the public to have found out it was a hoax.