It's a good time to be a pizza delivery person in the US. Last week we mentioned an Ohio church which gave a pizza delivery woman a $US1000 tip - now an Alaskan church has reportedly joined in the fun, giving a driver $US1,900. Delivering a pizza to the Chugach Covenant Church Congregation in Anchorage, 14 year pizza delivery veteran Ken Felber was asked what the biggest tip he'd ever received was. He replied $100 only to have Pastor Dan Krause ask him: "How does a tip of $1,900 sound?" Needless to say, it sounded good.

A 122 metre long baguette - which took 60 French and Italian bakers some seven hours to create using a special mobile oven - has been named the world's longest. Guinness World Records has reportedly given the baguette, made at the Milan Expo 2015 World's Fair last Sunday, its tick of approval. The previous record of 111 metres had been set by a French supermarket chain in Vietnam in 2009. There have been at least four world records set at the six month long event in Milan which ends this month, including one for the longest pizza (more than 1.5 kilometres long!).

A hummus bar in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya is doing its bit to promote peace in the region by offering half price plates of hummus to tables where Jews and Arabs are sitting together. The manager of the Hummus Bar at the M Mall in Kfar Vitkin, Kobi Tzafrir, told the Times of Israel that the initiative, which was launched on 13th October, has already been a success. "If there"s anything that can bring together these peoples, it"s hummus," he said.

If police officers in the town of Concord in Massachusetts in the US happen to pull you over this month, don't be alarmed, they may just want to acknowledge your good behaviour. The department reportedly says it plans on issuing 200 notices for good behaviour, rewarding such practices as wearing a seatbelt or looking both ways before crossing the road. The citations are exchangeable for two scoops of ice-cream at a local cafe.