It's not everyday pizzas get delivered in the middle of a church service. And it's certainly not everyday that the delivery person gets a $US1,000 tip in a gesture of extravagant generosity. That's what reportedly happened in the US on a recent Sunday when a Domino's driver, delivering a pizza to the Sycamore Creek Church in the town of Pickerington, Ohio, was brought up on stage and told that the congregation, learning about what it means to be generous, had taken up a special offering of more than $US1,000 for her. The driver, named as Natasha, broke down in tears when told of the church's generosity (follow the above link to see a video). Meanwhile, while we're talking food - the latest food oddity out of the US? Donut fries - donuts shaped like French fries which, not dissimilar to Mexican churros, come with dipping sauces. They're the idea of Californian-based Psycho Donuts.

It's a dating app with a difference. PawsLikeMe aims to set up potential dog owners with the pooch that's most suitable for them. The free app, only available in the US, uses a "proven algorithm" to ensure the compatibility of pets and their owners with the dogs then sourced from various dog shelters around the US. You can also find a new home for your own dog should you need to do so. An app for cats is apparently coming soon.

No doubt that it's entrepreneurial. A man in the US state of Massachusetts is making the most of autumn in the northern hemisphere, launching a business in which he ships a box of dried up leaves right to your door for just $US19.99. Kyle Waring reportedly set up the business earlier this year and commenced shipping the leaves - which come in a range of colors and sizes and are preserved in glycerin and water - this month. It's not the first time he's ventured into such an enterprise - Mr Waring was the man behind last year's in which he shipped snow to buyers around the country.