Think you're dull? Maybe this will make you feel better. Leland Carlson, the assistant vice-president of the UK-based Dull Men's Club, has released a new book featuring what he believes is something of a who's who of dull men in Britain (and that takes into account those who appeared in the club's 2015 calendar!). Dull Men of Great Britain features 40 "boring Brits" including a train spotter, a collector of vacuum cleaners, a measurer of mountains and a photographer of plaques. Follow the link above to meet some of the men.

We've all heard the old excuse, "the dog ate my homework" but what "I never received the letter because a monkey ate the mail"? A pet monkey, known as Zeek, went on something of a rampage in the community of Sanford, in Florida, earlier this week, eating the contents of at least one mail box, swinging off traffic signs and pulling bits off the police car sent to apprehend him. He was eventually distracted by a bottle of water before being collected by his owner. You can check out the police department's Facebook page for some pictures.

Some 2,500 Americans experienced life in a post-apocalyptic world last weekend in an event in California inspired by the dystopian world of film franchise Mad Max.Wasteland Weekend, held in the Mojave Desert over four days from last Thursday, features specially-made vehicles, activities including fire-spinning and bounty hunting games, and live bands and other performances - all with the aim, say organisers, of living "inside the movie". It is the fifth year the weekend - said to be the largest festival of its kind in the world - has been run.