A New Zealand couple who applied to have their 7.9 kilogram vegetable "Dug" recognised as the world's biggest potato were surprised recently when Guinness World Records said it wasn't a potato at all. The organisation had requested a DNA test on the supposed spud and it found the specimen was not in fact a potato but a "tuber of a type of gourd". “I’m disappointed, but he’s still ‘Dug - not the biggest potato’,” Colin Craig-Brown told New Zealand publication Stuff this week. “It's been a real roller-coaster of potato-rama. We hopped on the roller-coaster eyes wide open and enjoyed the ride and this was the last real twist.” Colin and Donna Craig-Brown discovered the vegetable growing in the garden of their Waikato farm in August last year. Undeterred by the latest news, Colin has said he now intends making a new attempt to grow the world's biggest potato - the current record holder, grown in Nottinghamshire in England, weighs 4.99 kilograms. As for Dug - it's destined to become mash for vodka. 

What's more than 30 metres long, has 26 wheels and a pair of V8 engines? The world's longest car, a white limousine originally built in Burbank, California, in 1986, has, according to Guinness World Records, recently been extended from its original length of 18.28 metres to 30.5 metres. Known as "The American Dream", it was created by renowned car customiser Jay Ohrberg and recently restored - and extended - by a team including Michael Manning. It can be driven from both ends and has a hinge in the middle for negotiating corners. The car can hold some 75 people and features include a large waterbed, a swimming pool complete with a diving board, jacuzzi, bathtub, mini-golf course and a helipad (yes, you read that right). The car is now on display at Dezerland Park Orlando’s Auto Museum in Orlando, Florida. 

A newborn white rhino at England's Cotswold Wildlife Park has been named "Queenie" in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's 70th year on the throne. Queenie, born to parents Monty and Nancy, is the ninth white rhino to be born at the park. Reggie Heyworth, managing director of the park, said: "We feel very lucky to have another baby female Rhino, which is our fifth female baby in a row. All the rhinos here are named after very special people and I think everyone agrees that 2022 will always be special because of Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee."