Jubbly plate

One of the plates as it appears on the website of Wholesale Clearance UK.

We are, no doubt, not amused. Plates and mugs created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee this year have been found to have an unfortunate spelling mistake: the celebration marking the Queen's 70 years on the throne was referred to as 'The Platinum Jubbly' rather than 'The Platinum Jubilee'. Wholesale Clearance UK, which has been selling the more than 10,000 tea sets, mugs and plates, said they were approached to sell the misspelt wares by a Chinese manufacturing company which had been left with the stock after the company the items had been going to decided to take them because of the error. We hope the 'Jubbly' celebrations go well. 

• Lettuce-loving giant rabbit Honey 'Mega' Bunny suffered a resounding defeat in the US on Tuesday, in a head-to-whiskers salad eating contest against human competitive eater Raina Huang. Huang, who has been eating competitively for four years, managed to put away 1.5 kilograms of chopped salad in 10 minutes in the match-up, organised by Chop Stop in Glendale, California. Honey froze like a rabbit in the headlights in front of the giant plate of lettuce and ate none at all. Faced with humiliating loss, Team Bunny was permitted by organisers to bring in a second rabbit, Precious. Precious also failed to eat a single leaf. Owner Louis Moses, who breeds the Giant Flemish rabbits, was not surprised by the result. "Rabbits are not scarfers. They're not like dogs, just scarf it down quickly. They're nibblers. They nibble all day, all night. So they eat decent amounts, but over a period of time," Moses said. Huang, who doesn't eat salads at all outside of contests, said she did not pay much attention to her competitors. "It was more of like a challenge to myself. When I do contests and challenges, usually I don't really pay attention too much to what competitors do. I think the best for me is just to see the best of what I can do," she said.
- Reuters

A retired British Airways Boeing 747 has been transformed into a party venue and museum space outside the UK village of Kemble. The plane, which made its final flight in 2020 and is now located at the Cotsworld Airport, has reportedly undergone an extensive transformation which has included painting it in the "Negus" livery which adorned BA's planes in the 70s and 80s and turning the galley into a bar. Most of the plane has been preserved for a museum with tours soon able to be booked via an app.