A dad joke

Laughing at a dad joke? PICTURE: Stormy All/Unsplash

It was Father's Day in the UK last weekend and to mark the event, supermarket chain baby brand Aldi Mamia went looking for the country's best dad joke. More than 2,700 would-be gags were reportedly submitted as #BestDadJokes went viral on Twitter. A joke from father-of-two Austin May, of Bedworth in Warwickshire, was selected by judge (and stand-up comedian) Mark Watson as the overall winner. And his winning joke? 
I once hired a limo but when it arrived, the guy driving it walked off!
I said "Excuse me? Are you not going to drive me?"
The guy told me that the price didn't include a driver...
...so I'd spent £400 on a limo and have nothing to chauffeur it!
Boom, tish! (for the full short list, check out Mark Watson's instagram)

It sounds so simple - stacking five M&Ms on top of each other. But one British man recently took hours to get it right and in doing so, set a new Guinness World Record. Twenty-three-year-old engineer Will Cutbill, who lives in Solihull in England, who has reportedly held a lifelong ambition of getting his name into one of the Guinness World Record books, used his time during a COVID-19 lockdown to get his stacking skills right. The previous record - which involved four M&Ms - was jointly held by Silvio Sabba, of Italy, and Brendan Kelbie, of Australia.

We all love it when a package arrives at the door - but spare a thought for Jillian Cannan, of the US city of Buffalo, who received more than 150 unsolicited packages from Amazon. The packages, which were filled with face mask brackets (gadgets to hold face masks in place), started arriving in early June and Cannan told CNN she initially thought they'd been ordered for her business. But when she checked the address, Cannan says she saw it wasn't her name on the labels. It took Amazon a while to figure out what was going wrong, but not before the packages had started appearing in ever greater numbers, including on pallets in her driveway. The issue has now, thankfully, been sorted and Cannan says Amazon told her to keep the packages which she's donating to a local hospital.