Some dummies competed in a skiing race at a resort in the US state of Oregon on the weekend. No, we're not being nasty in describing them so - the 20 competitors were actually mannequins created by people in a bid to win a free season pass at the Mt Ashland ski resort. The annual 'Dummy Downhill' event had been cancelled last year because of the COVID-19 crisis. Under the rules, dummies must reportedly weigh under 125 pounds (57 kilograms) and be fixed to either two skies or a snowboard. This year's winner was Margaret Shaughnessy's entrant, "The Flying Ace".

Treasure hunt

Looking to join a treasure hunt? PICTURE: N/Unsplash

A US couple are inviting people to join in a treasure hunt for $US20,000 which they have hidden somewhere in the state of Maine. Kurt and Kelly Stokes spent three years exploring and photographing locations around the state before creating the treasure hunt to mark Maine's bicentenary. Finding the 'Dirigo Treasure' will involve solving "a secret, a riddle and a puzzle" and the key to finding the treasure apparently involves discovering seven special stones. Those wishing to take part will have to purchase deck of cards or a "collector's edition" of larger size flash cards (with a dollar from each sale apparently going to the Maine Cancer Foundation or Maine Rivers). Get hunting!

Remember the mysterious monoliths that were popping up all over the world late last year? Another one has been found, this time on Spain's Costa Brava coast. The two metre high metallic monolith was found by beach-goers late last month. First found in the Utah desert in November last year, the monoliths have since been found in the UK, the Netherlands, Colombia, Paraguay and Australia among other nations. 'The Most Famous Artist', an artist collective founded by LA artist Matty Mo, announced last December that it is selling monoliths for $US45,000 each, leading some to suspect it was behind the mysterious monoliths around the world. That is yet to be confirmed.