Ice hockey

A recent ice hockey game ran for 252 hours in Canada. Pictured is a generic image. PICTURE: Samantha Gades/Unsplash

No doubt it was an exhausting effort. Some 40 people in Alberta, Canada, this week announced they had finished a 252 hour ice hockey game in a bid to set a new world record and raise some funds for cancer research. The event, which took place at an outdoor rink in the Edmonton area, reportedly started on 4th February with the aim of raising money for cancer research at the University of Alberta. The winning team - "Team Cure" - scored 2,649 goals in their victory over "Team Hope" which scored 2,528 goals. More than $C1.8 million was raised as a result. Temperatures dropped as low as between -40 C and -55 (taking into account windchill) during the game which organiser Kate Gallagher said was "definitely the coldest game we've ever seen". "It was all part of the adventure. The players were troupers. They were warriors." Organisers are now awaiting official recognition from Guinness World Records.

Victims of the 'Stockton Kraken'? On Valentine's Day, the Californian Highway Patrol in Stockton responded to a report that body parts had been spotted floating in water next to a highway ramp. While they did find body parts, it turns out the limbs and torsos were from mannequins rather than real people. The Highway Patrol subsequently had some fun on social media, recounting a story involving the 'Stockton Kraken' which they said wreaks havoc on the town every Valentine's Day. They went on to note: "We’re not sure where these mannequins came from or how they got in the water, but have no mannequins were injured or killed in the making, creating or writing of this post.....".

Accolades for Larry, 'chief mouser' of the UK Cabinet Office, this week as the feline celebrated 10 years on the job. Larry marked the day with several tweets including one which he said he was "not for retiring" and was "planning for my 20th anniversary already". Larry was adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London 10 years ago, and has since served under three different Prime Ministers: David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. He has been frequently spotted in and around 10 Downing Street, which is also the Prime Minister's official residence. Larry's great rival, Palmerson - chief mouser at the nearby British Foreign Office - retired in August last year, leaving Larry top, err, cat.