A French school has taken the unusual step of putting up signs asking parents not to throw their children over the school gates. The school in Avignon put up two posters depicting a parent tossing their child over the closed gate with accompanying text asking parents not to do so and to wait instead for them to open again at 10am or 3pm. The Trillade school's princpal, Sanaa Meziane, reportedly said there had been some incidents when parents, arriving late, had resorted to such measures after finding the two metre high school gate closed. There have been no reported injuries.

Harrier jet

A Harrier jet in action, this one part of the Spanish Navy. PICTURE: Jumbero/licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

Is speed an important factor when you're looking for in a bourbon? If so, you're in luck - a US distiller has announced plans to produce what they call the "world's fastest bourbon" based on the fact it will spend part of its ageing process in a former British Royal Navy Harrier jet travelling at more than 1,000kph. The Tobacco Barn Distillery in Maryland has partnered with aviation company owner, Art Nalls, in an initiative to create what they're calling '700 MPH Bourbon'. Those behind the bourbon believe the air pressure in the flight will give it a better flavour. It's hoped the bourbon will take-off on its first flight in April next year with sales expected the following northern hemisphere summer.

A pair of robot wolves have taken up sentry duty in the community of Takikawa on the Japanese island of Hokkaido after concerns about increasing numbers of bears wandering into residential neighbourhoods. The metal 'Monster Wolves', which are covered in fake fur, were created by machinery firm Ohta Seiki in partnership with a local university. They have red lights in their eyes, can move their heads and make howling and screeching noises. The wolves are among more than 60 reportedly in use in Japan to scare off bear (and, no doubt, young children).