Earth in space

PICTURE: The New York Public Library/Unsplash

Earth is about to get a new mini moon - but it's not expected to be a typical asteroid . Instead, NASA's leading asteroid expert, Paul Chodas, reportedly believes the object - which is expected to start orbiting the Earth next month - is actually an old rocket that's been spinning through space ever since a failed Moon landing more than 50 years ago. Chodas believes that the object - formally known as 'asteroid 2020 SO' - is actually the Centaur upper rocket stage that successfully propelled NASA's Surveyor 2 lander to the moon in 1966. While the lander ended up crashing into the Moon, the rocket became space junk and is believed, having since orbited the Sun, is now on the return trip. Chodas predicts the object will spend about four months orbiting the Earth before heading back around the Sun.

Forget colourful stripes or patterns to set your socks apart from the pack, socks with three toes are the latest to make waves in the fashion world. The socks are the creation of luxury French fashion house Givenchy and have been released along with a new range of three toed sandals (let's not even get into the whole socks and sandals debate). Reaction on the net has been fierce with some suggesting a brown socks and sandals combo bears a resemblance to Scooby Doo's feet. We'd have to agree. 

Two iconic street signs for a "teddy bear crossing" - a tourist attraction in the outback town of Tambo in western Queensland, Australia - have been stolen, according to reports. The signs, which feature a silhouette of a teddy bear and the words 'Caution Teddies Crossing", were installed outside the Tambo Teddies shop and have since proved a drawcard for tourists who like to take pictures of themselves beside them. But Alison Shaw, co-owner of the shop, has told the ABC they were stolen last week and is now pleading for their return. "We won't be cross," she was quoted as saying. "We won't be angry. We just really want them back, that's all it boils down to."