A giant wave is crashing over a Seoul street but no, there's no tsunami warnings. The giant wave is actually digital and is being displayed on South Korea's largest electronic billboard, located at the SMTown COEX in the city's Gangnam District. The work of public art firm d'strict, the 3D WAVE apparently took about three months of work to create. The extremely realistic-looking simulation appears for one minute every hour.

Public Media Art #1 "WAVE" Short ver. from d'strict on Vimeo.

• Museums around the world are looking at how they can mark the period of the coronavirus pandemic and among them is the Czech National Museum which has recently opened an exhibition of face masks worn to protect against the infection. The masks were chosen from hundreds sent in by the public. Ironically, while people in the Czech Repiblic no longer have to wear the masks outdoors, those who attend the exhibition, which opened on Monday, will have to.

Nek mission facility Russian

The lab in Moscow. Credits: NASA and the Institute for Biomedical Problems

Enjoyed the social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic? You might just be the sort of person NASA is looking for as it seeks to socially isolate a team of people in a Russian lab for eight months in a bid to collect data for future space missions. The US space agency is searching for candidates for the Moscow-based mission - but you must be "highly motivated", a US citizen and aged between 30 to 55 (among other requirements). "Participants will experience environmental aspects similar to those astronauts are expected to experience on future missions to Mars," NASA said in a statement.

- With KARISHMA SINGH, Reuters