Bumper tables

We've seen all sorts of approaches to ensuring social distancing - from the many signs now seen around the world to the circles drawn on a New York park to keep patrons separated. But in Ocean City in Maryland in the US, the Fish Tales bar and grill has taken the idea to another level, unveiling a series of wheeled "bumper tables" in preparation for when it reopens. The moveable tables feature a hole in the middle in which an individual stands with each surrounded by large bumpers or inner tubes designed to ensure people remain 1.8 metres apart. The tables were specially designed by Baltimore-based special events company Revolution Event Design and Production. Might catch on? PICTURE: Screen shot from a video posted on Revolution Event Design and Production's Instagram feed.

Moose the therapy dog has received an honorary degree from Virginia Tech's College of Veterinary Medicine for his work in the arena of mental health care. The eight-year-old Moose, one of four dogs which work at the school's Cook Counseling Center as therapy animals and ambassadors for mental health awareness, was awarded an honorary doctorate in veterinary medicine last week. Owner Trent Davis told CNN that students at the school "talk a lot about how Moose has broken down the stigma around mental health care on campus". "Veterinarians are unfortunately a very challenged population. They have high rates of suicide, and this profession can be quite disturbing," he said. "He has really helped the students and staff at Virginia Tech and has gotten a lot of recognition for that." Well done Dr Moose.

Accidentally stepping on a stray Lego brick without wearing shoes can be a painful experience. But one British charity is looking for volunteers to do so in a bid to raise funds for its work in helping children with disabilities. Caudwell Children, a charity which provides practical and emotional support to children with disabilities and their families, has worked with UK Firewalks to create instructional videos to show the would-be volunteers how to safely walk across a pile of Lego bricks. Volunteers are expected to collect money from sponsors to undertake the walk in their own home and send the recorded results into Caudwell. The walk will be held on 20th June. For more, head to www.caudwellchildren.com/fundraisers-needed-for-rebrickulous-lego-walk/.