Shaft Bottom Boys

The Shaft Bottom Boys with official recognition of their award. PICTURE: Via Guinness World Records.

• A Canadian band set a new world record for playing the deepest underground concert after performing at almost 1,900 metres below sea level. The Shaft Bottom Boys delivered a 50 minute concert inside Vale's Creighton Mine in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, on 7th March to take out the record (the official depth was 1893.8 metres below sea level). The concert raised funds for a couple of different charities. 

The temporary closure of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago due to the coronavirus outbreak led to a new opportunity for the pengiuns. The rockhopper penguins were treated to tours of the facility on Sunday, peering through the glass at the fish. Among them was Wellington, Edward and Annie who have been featured in a series of videos released by the aquarium. The aquarium said on Twitter that caregivers at the facility "are constantly providing new experiences for the animals to explore and express their natural behaviors with".

The owner of a British amusement arcade replaced the usual stuffed toys and small prizes found in claw machines with another much sought-after product - toilet rolls. Eddy Chapman, owner of Chapman's Funland in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, said he made the move after seeing the panic-buying of toilet paper in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the feedback from the move had been positive. "Everybody the comes to it is laughing," he told The Independent.