Spider Man

Spider Man? PICTURE: Joey Nicotra/Unsplash

An Indonesian cafe worker is inspiring fellow citizens in the city of Parepare in south-west Sulawesi to pick up rubbish off the streets and beaches - by dressing in a Spider Man costume. Rudi Hartono reportedly says his pleas for people to join him in cleaning up fell on deaf ears until he donned the red and blue suit. Hartono, whose efforts have brought him some national fame in Indonesia, says he hopes the government will put more effort behind cleaning-up and reducing waste, particularly when it comes to plastic.

A fox had a night out in London the other day, taking its own after-hours tour of the UK's famous Houses of Parliament buildings. The fox was reportedly spotted roaming several different floors in the building by numerous workers last Thursday night, apparently eluding all police efforts to apprehend it. At least one MP reported that while she hadn't seen the animal, it did leave some droppings outside her office door.

Remember Vernon Kruger, the South African who was living in a barrel atop a 25 metre-high pole to set a new world record? Well, he's finally come back to ground after 78 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes, shattering his previous record - set in 1997 of 67 days. Kruger said he stayed the extra days to ensure the record would be harder to break but added that he doesn't intend setting a new one.