Waffles and Hemingway 2

Waffles and Hemingway. PICTURE: Via Instagram.

Want to adopt the horse? You'll have to take his friend, a goose, too. An animal shelter in Pennsylvania is looking for a new home for a six-year-old miniature horse named Waffles but says that the new family will also have to take his friend, a goose named Hemingway. The apparently inseparable pair arrived at the shelter together after being removed from a farm by representatives of the Buck County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Cindy Kelly, spokeswoman the organisation - which runs the shelter where they are staying, told Good Morning America: "We have them in the barn together and one of the staff observed one day that Hemingway was leaning his head in and kind of had his neck wrapped over Waffle's shoulder. It was very sweet." And when staff take Waffles away for treatment, Hemingway displays "protective behaviours" lilke honking and flapping his wings, she said. "They really seem to have this bond." Cue the 'ohhhhs'.

A massive wooden figure resembling US President Donald Trump (possibly how he would look in the game Minecraft, at least) has been unveiled in Slovenia. The artist Tom Schlegl has insisted that, while he doesn't mind people thinking the figure represents Trump, the eight-metre tall, suit-wearing figure, which stands with his arm raised in a fist in the village of Sela, north of the capital Ljubljana, actually represents a "statue of liberty". “I designed the statue because people have forgotten what the Statue of Liberty stands for. I want to alert people to the rise of populism and it would be difficult to find a bigger populist in this world than Donald Trump," he reportedly told Reuters. Slovenia is the home country of the US President's wife, Melania.

China's Yutu-2 lunar rover has made an unusual discovery while exploring the Moon's far side, finding what has been described as a "gel-like" substance in a crater. The team driving the rover have reportedly said the material is "unusually coloured" and had a different "lustre" to the surrounding soil. The rover, which made the discovery in late July, was launched as part of China's Chang 4 mission. It has been suggested by other researchers that the substance could be melt glass from meteorites striking the Moon's surface.