The Vikings are invading - in one Danish city at least. Aarhus, founded by Vikings in the 8th century, has unveiled new pedestrian walk lights in the shape of Viking warriors complete with axe and shield. The city has reportedly installed the new signals at 17 crossings with city councillor Bünyamin Simsek - who came up with the idea - saying it was about strengthening residents' "understanding of the fact we are a Viking city". They're not the first unusual pedestrian crossing signals we've covered in StrangeSights - we've previously reported on sightings of Elvis in Germany among others.


The Vikings are back in Denmark - but they look a bit different to these re-enactors pictured at a 2010 in the UK. PICTURE: David Adams

It was certainly an attentive audience - although one wonders how much they understood. A dozen very well-behaved dogs recently comprised the audience at a performance of Billy Elliot: The Musical in Ontario, Canada - but it wasn't just for the cultural experience. The dogs were reportedly attending as part of a two year training program which aims to show them how to remain calm amid crowds, unusual lights and loud noises. It must have worked - another group of dogs is expected to attend a performance in October.

Fed up with its unkempt footpaths, the mayor of the Belgian city of Mesen has warned residents they'll be fined if they don't weed the pavement outside their homes. Under the new rules, residents will reportedly face fines of up to €125 if they fail to weed outside their properties or if they fail to pick up litter and dog mess. Mayor Sandy Evrard - who informed residents of the fines, which apply fromn 20th September, in a letter - said it's only a small proportion of residents who are allowing weeds to flourish. He's offered help for those residents who may be unable to weed.