Trump Baby Blimp

A "Baby Trump" balloon is seen over demonstrators as they participate in an anti-Trump protest in London, Britain, on 4th June, 2019. PICTURE: Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis

So-called 'Baby Trump" blimps were floating above the streets of London this week as protestors voiced their opposition to the visit of US President Donald Trump (although we do also have to report that one of the Trump blimps did look fairly deflated after it was stabbed). Now comes news that one of the blimps may have found a permanent home in the city. The Museum of London announced this week that it was looking to acquire a 'Baby Trump Blimp' along with another depicting London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a yellow bikini as part of its "protest collection". Other items in the collection include Suffragette banners, tents belonging to Brian Haw who famously used to protest outside the UK Parliament and placards used by protestors expressing their displeasure over recent UK budget cuts.

Fancy inviting a Pikachu to your wedding? The Pokémon Company has reportedly teamed up with a Japanese bridal company to offer lovers of the franchise the chance to have a Pokémon-themed wedding. Those signing up will not only have giant Pikachus at the wedding - one for the bride and another for the groom, there will also be Pokémon-themed food - including a wedding cake - and even a marriage certificate featuring Pokémon characters. Sadly the wedding packages are only available in Japan.

Residents of the Ohio town of Coal Grove had some colour added to their lives earlier this week when their water turned pink. Officials reportedly initially warned people not to drink the water but then later said it wasn't dangerous to ingest but could dye any clothes washed in it. The colour was apparently caused by a malfunction at a water treatment plant which saw a large quantity of sodium permanganate dumped into the water. The problem was fixed and its apparently now just a matter of running the water until the pink water returns to clear.