Yes, it was April Fool's Day on Monday so we thought we'd mention just some of the (at times, quite elaborate) pranks we came across...

Google in The Netherlands announced that thanks to advancements in artifical intelligence, its personal assistants could now understand tulips and provide translations between Tulipish (Tulipese?) and dozens of human languages. Based on the "fact" people have known for decades that plants can communicate through root systems, scientists at Wageningen University said the institution had been working with Google to develop tech to communicate with plants for some time. "The more we listen to nature, the more we discover the amazing things it has to say," one scientist says. Not all the plants, however, have been receptive as might be hoped - including a rather recalcitrant cactus who just wants to be left alone.

There's no sign of any "drop bears" but Tourism Australia took the opportunity on Monday to point out something many people may not know - that  some koala "joeys" or infants are born with leopard print fur. "We don’t yet know why only certain joeys are blessed with such incredible fashion sense, but we’re sure little April here is the envy of her friends," the organisation said in a Twitter post that came with a picture of the koala.

Still in Australia and the local McDonald's company announced a new burger sure to divide opinion. Its 'McPickle Burger' features layers and layers of the much maligned pickles with images of the new burger apparently getting some quite excited. Head to the company's Instagram account for a preview.

Tour company Contiki announced the latest addition to its portfolio of tours - a coach-based holiday just for dogs. Known as 'Dogtiki', a promotional video talks about the dogs being able to "experience the world - get local sniffs, taste the food of different cultures and just come back with so many friends". Demand is apparently high - so much so that some puppies try to sneak on - but the company admits the tours don't always go to plan with some dogs running off and others forgetting to get back on the bus after a photo stop. 

Meanwhile in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, hundreds of people took part in a Monty-Python inspired "silly walk" parade marking the day. Inspired by the 1970s John Cleese skit in which he walked in odd ways to the 'Ministry of Silly Walks', participants, which included people from all age groups and walks of life (pardon the pun), warmed up briefly before setting off on a three lap walk in the city centre. You can see them here.