Vietnam Haircuts

PICTURE: Kham/Reuters

A Hanoi barber is welcoming the summit being held in his city between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by offering customers free haircuts in the style of either leader. Le Tuan Duong reportedly said he's transformed some 400 men into lookalikes of the leaders since he first floated the offer last week. While most were in the style of Kim, a few had opted for the blonde Trump coiffure. Earlier, two guinea pigs for the new styles were shown off to the media with nine-year-old Gia Huy telling Reuters he was happy with his haircut because people would think he looked like Kim while 66-year-old Le Phuc Hai said he thought Trump's haircut "looks great and it fits my age". He then added: “I’m not afraid of this bright orange hair color because after this promotional campaign, the hair salon owner said he would return my hair to normal." The offer ends with the conclusion of the summit.

A person approached police in Northern Ireland after finding the cocaine they thought they'd purchased was actually brown sugar. In a Facebook post, the Police Service of Northern Ireland recounted how a caller told them they'd been "scammed" and paid more than £200 for cocaine but "got brown sugar instead". "Nope, not a joke. An actual call," the police service Facebook post read, adding that "bizarrely", the caller didn't want to provide a statement. "A dishonest drug dealer. What's the world coming to?!"

In the US, a new donut shop has celebrated its opening with the creation of a donut made with ingredients including 24 carat gold and Cristal champagne. Miami Beach's Enter Through the Donut Shop are offering the donut for $US100 or 12 for $US1,000. One customer, Victoria Gautier, reportedly said while she initially thought pastry chef Björn Delacruz was "just trying to show off", the donut was actually "super good". "It’s not greasy. It’s not heavy. I don’t feel bad eating it at all.”