Le Grand K

PICTURE: A replica of Le Grand K inside its protective glass casing. PICTURE: Japs 88 (licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

When is a kilogram not a kilogram? The answer is when it's redefined. Representatives of more than 60 countries recently reportedly voted in favour of measuring a kilogram by an abstract constant in place of the small cylinder of titanium alloy, known as Le Grand K and held in a vault in Paris, which has set the standard since 1889. Over the decades, the metal lump has inexplicably lost a tiny amount of mass - about 20 billionths of a gram - meaning a tiny drop in what a kilogram actually weighs. To solve the issue and provide a constant measure, the gathered scientists have agreed to use the 'Planck constant' instead. The changes, which come into force next May, also affect the ampere, the kelvin and the mole.

A giant wooden troll named Isak Hearthstone is reportedly headed for a new home after residents of the Colorado ski resort of Breckenridge complained he was attracting too many tourists. The 15 foot tall Isak, the work of Danish artist Thomas Dambo and part of a series of 40 trolls made out of recycled material around the world, was dismantled last week and originally that was, sadly, to be the end of the matter. But following an outcry, Dambo says he will now be rebuilding Isak in a new location. The work was originally installed in August to mark a hiking trail as part of the summer arts festival.

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HELP ME SAVE ISAK ❤ HEARTSTONE! Yesterday Breckenridge voted to break down my new sculpture Isak Hearthstone. Several media outlets have asked for my opinion - so here goes. Isak Hearthstone is part of a series that now counts 40 recycled trolls, that sit in nature all around the world. I make these sculptures out of local scrap wood, with the help of local volunteers. To show the world how much potential and beauty lays hidden in our trash. Isak got his name after 3 local girls came and gave me a heart shaped rock, that we together built into his chest - and thus his name came to be. Isak Heartstone sits on hiking trail in the out skirts beautifull ski and hiking town Breckenridge. I made it 3 month ago and since then it has become so popular that it has created problems, problems the city council finds so severe - they now have voted to break Isak Hearthstone down. The problem is to my understanding, that some people park in a near by residential area, and it has upset a small group of local citizens because of the extra cars on the streets. I have been told that a local bus last year in one day brought 3 people to the local bus stop - this year on the same date the bus brought 3000, so many they renamed the bus the “Troll Trolley” on Instagram there are more than 500 uploads with the hashtag #Isakheartstone. I love to see all these people and photos, last week a guy even dressed up as Isak for Halloween. I think its incredible that a pile of scrap wood can create so many feelings, experiences and emotions and I think it teaches us how important it is to recycle and not just discard the materials and products we use. But because of this I also think it would be a disaster if all the time, love and effort put in to building this giant friendly troll would go to waste - so if you all could please help me find a new home for Isak Hearthstone by sharing/taggin/commenting one this post it would mean a lot. Lastly I want to state that 1. I don’t think its jolly happy days that the sculpture is to be taken down after only 3 months, like some medias quoted me and 2. the integral structure of the sculpture is built to withstand 3 years in the local weather.

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Hmmm. Yoshitaka Sakurada, deputy chief of the Japanese Government’s cybersecurity strategy office and the minister in charge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that Tokyo will host in 2020, has recently reportedly told the country's Parliament that he's never used a computer. Sakurada, responding to a question about whether he was computer literate, said: “Since the age of 25, I have instructed my employees and secretaries, so I don’t use computers myself." OK.