An Irish "opera-singing" donkey who apparently can't "hee-haw" has become a viral hit with footage of "Harriet" singing online attracting more than 767,000 views at last count. The sudden fame of the donkey, who hails from Connemara, has shocked her owner, 15-year-old Stephen McGrath, and sparked comparisons with performances of Madame Butterfly, according to RTE. Meanwhile, Martin Stanton, a neighbour who put the footage online, told the BBC treats are a good musical motivator: "She is such a sweet donkey and she loves all the treats. If you've got something for her, she tends to make that noise."

The owners of a singing Connemara donkey say they're overwhelmed with her global fame after a video of her went viral

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) October 26, 2018

A luxury hotel in the Maldives has reportedly opened the world's first "underwater hotel residence". The two storey villa, part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, is located 16 foot under the surface of the Indian Ocean and features amenities including a private gym, bar, infinity pool, butler's quarters, an ocean-facing bathtub and a bedroom with a panoramic view of undersea world. There's also a rotation deck above the surface for sunbaking but with a nightly price tag of $US50,000 and a minimum four night stay, it's unlikely to have mass appeal.

A Texas restaurant and dog park is looking for an 'puptern' with superior "puppy petting skills". Mutts Canine Cantina made the announcement on Instagram with the successful applicant able to make $100 an hour at its new location in Fort Worth. Those wanting the job need to post a photo or video showing off their skills with the tags #MUTTSpuptern and @muttscantina before 12th November.