Nebraska poster

• The US state of Nebraska has decided to 'own' its somewhat dull reputation in its latest tourism campaign. The Nebraska Tourism Commission has unveiled a new promotional campaign featuring lines like 'Famous for our flat, boring landscape', 'Lucky for you, there's nothing to do here', and 'Honestly, it's not for everyone'. "Nebraska may not be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit, but if you like experiences that are unpretentious and uncomplicated or if you enjoy escaping the big city life for moments of solitude in the open plains, creating your own fun or exploring the quirkiness the state has to offer, chances are, you will like it here," the commission said in a statement which included a quote from executive director John Ricks noting that the new campaign was "defined by honesty". Indeed.

It's always an awkward moment when a statue doesn't really look like its subject - remember that statue of Michael Jackson unveiled at London's Fulham football club? One US man has decided to right another wrong and has gathered a petition of more than 6,000 signatures to remove a large bust of Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, which has stood in a park in Buffalo since 1983. Samuel Herbert says he aims to gather 10,000 signatures in support of having the monument removed and replaced. "We have allowed this distorted image to sit here for 35 years," he told local news organisation WIVB, adding that he wanted a statue "that looks just like Rev Martin Luther King, Jr". "No abstract. No symbolism. Enough of symbolism, we want realism." A sculptor based in North Carolina is reportedly hopeful the city might be interested in replacing the statue with one he's created.

And finally, it's the accessory we've been waiting for - a "nose warmer". The appropriately named UK business, The Nose Warmer Company, offers its "nose-warmers" in a variety of styles and materials including animal prints and tartan (all for under £10). Founder Sally Steel-Jones, a teacher from Sheffield, told Buzzfeed recently that if it looks " a bit silly", so do Christmas jumpers and bobble hats "but plenty of people wear those".