Sea Monsters HERE

Beware - a sea monster has taken over a building at Philadelphia's former Navy Yard (albeit only temporarily). Actually an inflatable sculpture named 'Sea Monsters HERE' - the largest ever created, it consists of a series of 20 huge purple tentacles, up to 12 metres long, which are bursting out of windows and from the rooftop of Building 611, moving as the breeze captures them. The sculpture is the work of UK-based artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas and, presented as part of a collaboration between the Navy Yard and Philly-based collective Group X, is on show until 16th November. PICTURE: Courtesy of Group X.

A print of a work by British artist Banksy - Girl with Balloon - had just been sold for more than £1 million at auction last Friday night when it was shredded by a device hidden within the frame. The shredding apparently surprised the buyer, who had made their purchase by phone, as well as auction house Sotheby's which said it was in discussions with the purchaser about the next steps. It was speculated that Banksy was in the room when the work - which experts say will now have increased substantially in value - was shredded. The artist has since published a video about how he made the work self-destruct.

We've all done it - accidentally dialled someone after putting our phone in a pocket or by sitting on it (a phenomena generally known as "pocket dialling" or "butt dialling"). So spare a thought for the poor gecko who recently repeatedly dialled people as it perched on a phone at a veterinarian hospital which cares for endangered seals in Hawaii. Among those dialled was vet Claire Simeone, who, first called while she was out at lunch, picked up the phone only to hear silence. She was repeatedly called - in total 15 times - before, having hurried back to the hospital - the source of the calls, she found the culprit sitting on the phone in a lab. Congratulated on his skills as a telemarketer, the gecko was apprehended and released outside.