But you already know all this: that no sexually deviant, defiled or manic-obsessed person, that is an idol worshipper, has any birthright in the Kingdom of Christ and of God. Don't go letting anyone deceive you about this with empty words since it is because of such things that the wrath of God is coming on the sons of disobedience. You must not be fellow-travellers with them. For then you were [in] darkness. But now, in the Lord [His offspring], you are light so walk as children of [His] light. 
     For the fruit of the [tree of] light is [found in] all that is good, right and true, giving a stamp of approval to what is [also] acceptable to the Lord. And so avoid all communion with the barren offspring of darkness, but rather exposing them [by your light filled lives] since it is [already] a degrading matter to even discuss these things that have been so secretly contrived; for by [living openly and] exposing them, all things are brought to light to present themselves for what they are. For whatever is presented is in the light. And that [too] is indeed what He says: “Wake up, O sleeping one and stand on your feet and Christ shall give you light!” - Ephesians 5:5-14/transliteration by Bruce C Wearne


PICTURE: Gregory Pappas/Unsplash 

Having mentioned “an offering and sweet smelling sacrifice for us”, Paul is not appealing to some romantic gesture, an altruistic activity that is merely an idealistic example. He is referring to something we can now truly imitate, the restoration of God-given standing to which the sacrifices and offerings of God’s Old Testament people pointed and which are now completed and fulfilled, stamped by the Spirit of God.

All this has been confirmed by the resurrection of the Son of God.

The Kingdom of God as proclaimed by the prophets is a rule of holiness and righteousness, and to tolerate and imitate this former way of life by talkby conversation, is to partake of a walk that is, in principle, the way of life of sexual perversion [PORNEIA] and degradation.

Empty words are not going to stay the wrath of God upon the “sons of disobedience” – that status, our former status, is ours no longer. We are therefore His sons and daughters, and we walk in the light since we have been made part of His work, and, in this way, give light to the world. Paul captures this as a command of the Lord Himself: "Sleepers, wake up! Enter into the light of life!"