PAUL HANNA, a lecturer in sustainable tourism at the University of Surrey in the UK, looks, in this article first published on The Conversation, at the ethics of having a luxury holiday in a developing country...

As the US prepares to experience a total eclipse of the sun, EMILY MCFARLAN MILLER, of Religion News Service, takes a look at whether a solar eclipse could explain the darkening of the skies that is recorded in the Bible as occurring during Jesus' crucifixion...

Last weekend's Super Bowl in the US saw the New England Patriots overcome the Atlanta Falcons in what has been described as the greatest comeback in the event's history. Against that backdrop, ED USZYNSKI, in an article first published on the Athletes in Action website,  reflects on whether God really

Recently confronted while in Melbourne by someone holding a sign saying they were "hungry, poor and alone", Compassion Australia's MICHAEL CAUCHI looks at our response to those asking for our help...




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Mphatso Childrens FoundationWith Malawi being declared the poorest country in the world in 2016, there is little opportunity for people, without sufficient...

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Due to the fact the book we'd selected wasn't yet available in paperback in Australia (we'll read that next year) - we've made a change so for November-December, 2017. We're now reading Roy Williams and Elizabeth Meyers' book, Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace. To buy the book, follow this link - Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace

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