JOHN WESLEY: As depicted on a statue outside his City Road chapel in London. PICTURE: David Adams


“I am no longer my own, but yours.”

So begins the prayer known as the Wesley Covenant Prayer which was adapted by Methodism founder John Wesley for use in a special annual service in which believers’ would renew their ‘covenant’ with God.

Wesley drew on the works of 17th century Puritans Joseph and Richard Alleine in creating the service which has since been updated. The modern prayer is believed to be an adaptation of what was originally Alleine's work.

Every year, Methodists in the UK still hold the Covenant Service – often on the first Sunday of the year - in which the prayer – which is all about putting aside the self as we once again surrender all to God ("I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things" runs one line in the prayer) – is recited by the faithful.

It’s a simple but profound prayer which confirms the change of heart that has taken place in the believer and recognises the authority of God and utter dependence upon Him in their “new life".

You can see a complete version of the prayer here.

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