Bridie has an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Health Science (biochemistry and nutritional medicine). She is a registered nutritionist and has been in clinical practice for just over two years. Bridie is currently consulting for a health promotion company in Melbourne on nutritional interventions to improve employee productivity and lifestyle/nutritional interventions for mental illness for a portfolio of corporate clients. Her key programs are nutrition and stress management so this is definitely an area of interest for me. Prior to starting my clinic, she did a stint in India investigating the impact of traditional medicine (including nutrition) on malnourished children in rural, north-west India. She has been writing health and well-being articles for just over 12 months now. Nutrition was actually a very last minute decision for her - she was originally enrolled to do journalism at university after completing a short course in journalism during high school, hence the gravitation towards combining her love of writing with her passion for health and wellbeing.

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