Contributor - London, UK

Amanda is the associate secretary general for church in community of the World Evangelical Alliance and she is also the director of the WEA Women’s Commission. She works to equip and encourage a large number of global networks to build healthy churches and to reach their communities with God’s love. She is especially interested in encouraging Christian women leaders in the church, business and not-for-profits. The Women’s Commission aims to be a voice in the church and the public square on issues of particular interest to women and girls. Amanda has led work on development and advocacy on global poverty for 17 years for Christian NGOs and networks: she was the director of a development agency, the head of Micah Challenge Australia and the head of campaigning for Micah internationally. She is also involved in local church leadership - leading a church plant for six years and now on the leadership team of a newly revived city church. Amanda writes and speaks regularly on faith, poverty, politics and advocacy. She has an MA in English Literature and diplomas in education and media. She is married to Lewis, who runs his own legal practice, and has two adult children.

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