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Greece wildfire “worst on European soil in years”, Copernicus says

Flames rise as a wildfire burns on Mount Parnitha, in Athens, Greece, on 24th August, 2023.

Athens, Greece Reuters Blazes in Greece burned for a seventh day on Friday, destroying tens of thousands of hectares of land in the north-east alone, in what the EU-backed Copernicus Climate Change Service said was the largest recorded wildfire on European soil in years. “Greece is going through the most difficult year, in terms of […]

Sudan’s military ruler Burhan begins tour as UN warns of war spreading

Sudan's General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan stands among troops,in an unknown location, in this picture released on 30th May, 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates/Geneva, Switzerland Reuters Sudan’s military ruler has visited army bases near to the capital on his first trip away from Khartoum since an internal conflict broke out in April, as the United Nations warned that the war could tip the entire region into a humanitarian catastrophe. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan also intends […]

Food and aid pile up at Niger’s border as sanctions bite

Trucks carrying food, humanitarian aid, and industrial equipment wait due to sanctions imposed by Niger's regional and international allies, in the border town of Malanville, Benin, on 18th August, 2023

Malanville, Benin/Niamey, Niger Reuters The Malanville border crossing in northern Benin is one of the busiest in West Africa. Trucks with food, humanitarian aid and industrial materials usually flow freely into neighbouring Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries.  Today it is at a standstill. Trucks carrying food, humanitarian aid, and industrial equipment wait due […]

Sun-observing spacecraft sheds light on the solar wind’s origin

The sun as seen by the Solar Orbiter spacecraft in extreme ultraviolet light in this mosaic of 25 individual images taken on 7th March, 2023

Washington DC, US Reuters The solar wind is a ubiquitous feature of our solar system. This relentless high-speed flow of charged particles from the Sun fills interplanetary space. On Earth, it triggers geomagnetic storms that can disrupt satellites and it causes the dazzling auroras – the northern and southern lights – at high latitudes. But […]

Zimbabwe election results start to trickle in after delays, activist arrests

A man walks past newspaper posters along a street in Harare, Zimbabwe, on 24th August, 2023.

Harare, ZimbabweReuters The first constituency results emerged on Thursday in Zimbabwe’s election after delays forced a second day of voting in a small number of neighbourhoods and civil society activists were arrested. Zimbabweans voted for president and lawmakers on Wednesday, with many expressing hope for change after years of economic hardship. But analysts warned it […]

Countries launch fund to protect nature, UN calls for more money

The United Nations headquarters building is pictured though a window with the UN logo in the foreground in the Manhattan borough of New York, on 15th August, 2014.

Reuters Environmental leaders from 185 countries gathered in Vancouver, Canada, on Thursday to launch a fund to support global conservation, and the United Nations called for contributions to help meet goals including protection of 30 per cent of land and coastal areas by 2030.  Canada said it would put in $C200 million and the United […]