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Published by Acorn Press in partnership with the Sydney-based Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), The Cost of Compassion (Tim Costello) and The Pleasures of Pessimism (Natasha Moore) are the first two books in a new series Re:CONSIDERING.

The Cost of Compassion 2

Tim Costello's The Cost of Compassion 
Rev Tim Costello is a well–known social justice advocate. He is a Baptist minister, former CEO of World Vision Australia, and currently a Senior Fellow for CPX in Sydney, executive director of Micah Australia and a member of Sight's advisory board.

About the book: Who’s in favour of compassion? Pretty much everybody, actually. Left or right, religious or not, nobody seems to have a bad word to say about compassion. So why do we have so much trouble addressing the conflict, inequality, and suffering in our world? Ranging from the streets of St Kilda to the slums of Delhi, from Plato to Nietzsche, the Dalai Lama to Peter Singer, and from Seinfeld to the Good Samaritan, Tim Costello appeals to our common humanity – and takes an unflinching look at how costly compassion can be.


The Pleasures of Pessimism Natasha Moore2

Natasha Moore's The Pleasures of Pessimism
Dr Natasha Moore is a Research Fellow at the CPX and recently won The Australian Christian Book of the Year for For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined.

About the book: Pandemic, supervolcano, late capitalism, transhumanism, populism, cancel culture, the post-antibiotic age, the gig economy, the surveillance state, the cascading effects of climate change...Whatever the specifics, do you ever feel like things are going off the rails – or are just about to? If you’ve read the news, watched a zombie movie, or gotten into an argument on Twitter lately, the answer is probably yes. And you’re not alone. What makes us such apocaholics? What’s so appealing about Armageddon? What are the pleasures – and also the perils of our pessimism?

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