Sight’s editorial work is underpinned by the following principles:

• Christian
Sight reports on global news and issues from a Christian perspective. While some of our coverage is written with Christian values in mind, other stories are presented due to the interest Christians have in the subject under discussion.

• Bible affirming/Spirit led
Sight affirms the critical importance the role the Bible and the role the Holy Spirit plays in the life of a Christian.

• Independent
Sight is editorially independent and is not beholden to any one denomination or Christian organisation.

• A voice for justice
Sight’s coverage seeks to highlight instances of injustice, where-ever and to whom-ever they occur, around the world.

• A voice for unity
Sight is a cross-denominational news organisation, enabling voices to be heard from across the Christian spectrum with the general view of building unity in the global church. Sight also aims to build unity between Christians and people of other religions and beliefs or who profess to have none.

• Trustworthy
Sight aims for accuracy in all our coverage. We will always look to correct any significant errors as soon as possible.

• Fair
Sight endeavours to report news and issues in a fair and balanced manner.

• Free access
In a world where news media is increasingly being hidden behind paywalls, Sight’s coverage is freely available to all.