We believe prayer can change the world so we're inviting people to join with us in a journey across the 40 days of Lent as we highlight a different country or issue to pray about each day. Hence, 40 Days of Prayer for the World in the lead-up to our celebration of Easter.

If you'd like to take part, simply check back here each day to see what issue we're highlighting...


40 Days of Prayer for Lent

PICTURE: Greg Rakosy/Unsplash

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25th March, 2018 - Easter impact. Please pray that as churches all across the world prepare to hold Easter services, they would be impactful and effective in reaching people with the love of Jesus Christ, whether long-time followers of His or people who don't know Him. Please pray all those who are suffering or in despair would find their hope in Jesus Christ this Easter!


24th March, 2018 - The hungry. With news that the number of hungry are rising thanks to natural disasters as well as man-made conflicts, please for the 124 million people that are facing "crisis levels" of hunger around the world: that food may reach them, that humanitarian organisations charged with doing so do their job well, and that the causes of such hunger are addressed. (apologies that this wasn't posted on the day!)


23rd March, 2018 - Iraq. Recovering after the so-called Islamic State was driven from the north of the country, the war-torn Middle Eastern nation has seen a dramatic exodus of its Christian community over the past few decades. Please pray for the small Christian community that remains and for the rebuilding of the nation.


22nd March, 2018 - Water access. It's World Water Day and so we're praying for the estimated 844 million people who still don't have ready access to clean water in the world in nations like India, Uganda, Niger and Eritrea. Please pray for greater progress in addressing this key issue.


21st March, 2018 - Myanmar. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled Buddhist-majority Myanmar's northern Rakhine state to Bangladesh after a security forces crackdown followed a series of attacks last year. Please pray for the nation's leadership, for access by humanitarian agencies for those Rohingya who remain in Myanmar, and for the protection and care of those who are now refugees.


20th March, 2018 - People affected by natural disasters. Please pray for those who suffer the brunt of natural disasters - especially the poor who are hit the hardest - and the organisations and people that are working to relieve their suffering.


19th March, 2018 - The Philippines. Christians in the south have been the target of Islamic militants attempting to establish a South-East Asian "caliphate" while poverty, drugs and violence remain major challenges across the archipelago that makes up the predominantly Catholic nation. President Rodrigo Duterte has been embroiled in controversy since he came to power in 2016 with a deadly anti-drugs crack-down and, most recently, thanks to his decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.


18th March, 2018 - Foreign aid budgets. With many parts of the world facing natural disasters and man-made crises, the need for wealthier countries to help shoulder the burden is greater than ever. Please pray for nations and governments to be generous in looking out for the world's poor.


17th March, 2018 - Eritrea. Among the poorest nations in the world, a key source of refugees trying to reach Europe and commonly cited as one of the hardest places to be a Christian, please pray for this small nation located in the horn of Africa.


16th March, 2018 - Bible translation work. United Bible Societies this week released their annual report on translation work around the world. Please pray in support of those involved in this important work.


15th March, 2018 - Russia. The nation heads to presidential elections this weekend with expectations that Vladimir Putin will continue in office. Meanwhile there are tensions with nations including the UK and US - including over the poisoning of a Russian exile in Britain - and ongoing concerns internationally over a law restricting evangelism in the country. Please pray for the future of the nation and its leadership, its standing and relations in the world, and for the church.


14th March, 2018 - People living in slums. At least a billion people around the world live in urban slums, in challenging conditions that can significantly impact health and well-being. Please pray for those working to reduce poverty among residents and improve conditions and for the causes that lead people to live there to be addressed.


13th March, 2018 - Korea (North and South). Recent weeks have witnessed some signs of hope for peace on the Korean Peninsula, raising the possibility of an end to the isolation of the North. Please pray for both nations and a pathway to peace, and for Christians residing within them, especially those who face harsh forms of persecution in the North.


12th March, 2018 - The persecuted church. Christians in many countries around the world still face discrimination and persecution. Please pray for their protection, encouragement, and for those organisations supporting them so they may live out their Christian faith.


11th March, 2018 - Yemen. A civil war continues to bring untold suffering to the people of Yemen as a Saudi-led coalition fights in support of government troops against Houthi rebels. Please pray for peace and restoration of the nation's destroyed infrastructure, for humanitarian aid to reach the most vulnerable, and for the protection and growth of the small church based in the country, many of whom are forced to conceal their faith due to persecution.


10th March, 2018 - Church unity. Great strides have been made in bringing together the global church in recent decades. Please pray for an ongoing movement of unity among denominations.


9th March, 2018 - India. Please pray for this nation, often referred to as the world's biggest democracy where many, including many Dalits, live in extreme poverty. Pray also for the church in India, which continues to face discrimination and persecution in some areas.


8th March, 2018 - Women. It's International Women's Day so we're praying for women, especially for those who face discrimination, oppression and abuse because of their gender. 


7th March, 2018 - Slavery. With at least an estimated 40 million people living in 'modern slavery' across the globe, please pray against this scourge - for the liberation of slaves, for the conviction of those who would hold them in such conditions, and for strength and support for those who are fighting against it.


6th March, 2018 - Egypt. Please pray for Copts and other Christians in Egypt who continue to face discrimination and persecution, for their protection and for them to be able to freely practice their religion. Pray for the upcoming presidential election, that it may be a positive step to greater justice and stability not only in the nation but in the region.


5th March, 2018 - Child soldiers. Tens of thousands of children are serving as fighters, many of them through force, and in other capacities in conflicts around the world. Please pray for their immediate release and for the work of those organisations which are helping them to reintegrate into  society in the wake of such trauma.


4th March, 2018 - Nigeria. The conflict with extremist Islamist group Boko Haram continues with news that scores more girls have been kidnapped from a school recently. Meanwhile, Christians - a target of Boko Haram fighters - are also coming under attack from Muslim Fulani herdsmen in the nation's "middle belt" states. Pray for peace in the nation and the defeat of terrorism, for the protection of Christians and the return of those who have been kidnapped.


3rd March, 2018 - Orphans. News this week of an Australian bid to end 'orphanage tourism' which advocacy groups say has been used to exploit and traffic children in some of the world's poorest countries. So let's pray for the world's orphans, that they find stability and love and that those who care for them protect them.


2nd March, 2018 - Care for God's Creation. We're joining in the World Day of Prayer today - themed around 'All God's Creation is Very Good' - and praying for better stewardship of the environment in which we live.


1st March, 2018 - China. Christians in China continue to face discrimination and persecution even as the church experiences huge growth. Please pray for the ongoing spread of the Gospel and the protection of Christians within the world's most populous nation.


28th February, 2018 - Nuclear disarmament. A treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons opened for signature at the UN last September and while more than 50 countries have signed it, only five have so far ratified it. 


27th February, 2018 - Afghanistan. Having suffered through decades of conflict, violence has recently intensified again in this nation. Please pray for the civilians who have so often borne the brunt of the fighting, for the protection of humanitarian workers and for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict as well as, of course, for those missionaries working in a range of ways to take the the Gospel into the nation.


26th February, 2018 - Giving thanks for the Earth. We pause today in our petitions to give thanks to God for the Earth, its natural beauty, incredible diversity and resources.


25th February, 2018 - Iran. Please pray for Iran in light of recent protests against the ruling regime. Pray in particular for its church, that it may continue to grow and be bold in its witness, and, for the protection of believers including those in prison. 


24th February, 2018 - Homelessness. Please pray for those without homes around the world and in your local community.


23rd February, 2018 - South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today we join in the global prayer initiative - instigated by Pope Francis and supported by the World Council of Churches - to pray for an end to the conflicts in these two African nations.


22nd February, 2018 - Syria. Reports of scores of children among hundreds who have been killed in the continuing civil war in the last few days alone. Please pray for an end to the conflict, for international powers to put the interests of the vulnerable first, and for the church to be an influential voice for peace.


21st February, 2018 - Pakistan. Accusations of blasphemy continue to cause upheaval among Christian communities in Pakistan. Please pray for the protection of the country's Christian minority. 


20th February, 2018 - Landmines. News last week that one Afghan province has been declared free of landmines. Yet they remain a scourge in many nations around the world and result in the deaths of thousands of people, many of them civilians, every year. Please pray for action to end their use, for the protection of civilians and for the safety of those tasked with demining.


19th February, 2018 - South Africa. Amid political turmoil which saw Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in as the new president following the resignation of Jacob Zuma, please pray for political stability, for an end to corruption and for strength and support for the churches and Christian leaders bringing about change in the nation.


18th February, 2018 - Children in conflict zones. A report last week stated that more than 350 million children live in conflict zones around the world. Please pray for an end to the conflicts as well as for the protection of the children living in their midst from violence of all kinds.


17th February, 2018 - Gun violence in the US. In the wake of yet another shooting at a school in the US, we're praying for an end to the epidemic of gun violence in the US; for the voice of the church to be heard in calling for reform of gun control laws.


16th February, 2018 - Colombia. Despite a peace agreement between Leftist guerilla group FARC and the Colombian Government, violence involving other rebel groups continues. Please pray for an end to the violence and support for the church in its role as peace-maker.


15th February, 2018 - Refugees. There are more than 22.5 million refugees around the world, about half of whom are children. Key countries of origin include South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria. Please pray for their protection and, where possible, safe return.


14th February, 2018 (Ash Wednesday) - South Sudan. The world's newest nation has been wracked by civil war virtually since its inception and is now facing what is among the world's worst humanitarian crises with half of the nation of 12 million facing hunger. Millions have been forced to flee, thousands have been killed and children - three quarters of whom out of school - are disproportionately affected.