Happy New Year! As 2019 kicks off on Tuesday, I thought it a good time to thank you, our thousands of readers based around the world, as well as those who prayerfully and financially support us, including our growing number of advertising partners. And, of course, the many contributors who make Sight what it is.

2018 was another big year for Sight - we increased the amount of coverage we publish each week to (generally) more than 50 stories - including news, features, opinion pieces, columns, reviews and lifestyle articles - from across the globe. We also added new voices to our coverage including through new columns. In 2019 we aim to continue to expand our coverage and reach even further - and pray that you'll be journeying with us as we do so.

Welcome 2019

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We remain an editorially independent organisation, meaning that we don't take directions from any organisation or person on what we should or shouldn't publish. Rather we base our selection of what stories we run on solid news values and what we believe people will find informative, challenging and inspiring in their walk with Christ, whether that's just beginning or already been a long journey.

We live in time when we believe quality journalism has an increasing important role to play in countering misinformation. Not only that but we believe our approach - coming from a cross-denominational Christian perspective - brings an important voice into a world in great need of its Saviour.

While we've continue to bring you stories from across the globe - including, importantly, coverage of under-reported events, one of Sight's key challenges for 2019 is to create more original content. To do that we aim to add to the growing number of voices who are writing pieces specifically for you, our audience, as well as expand our small range of podcasts (in 2018 we introduced a new weekly wrap podcast, The Week That Was) and include more video footage.

All that, of course, requires funding and we remain reliant on our readers and advertisers to aid us in that task (for those who are unaware, Sight provides all our coverage free of charge and firewalls; instead we encourage people to "give what they can, if they can"). We recently made it possible to give just $1 a month and are encouraging all of our readers to take that up and help us with a very small financial contribution. But for those who can afford it, we'd welcome your taking up a $10 a month "virtual subscription" or making an annual $26 contribution.

We'd also welcome your help in continuing to spread the word about Sight, whether that means telling family or friends about us or bringing our coverage to the attention of your church leadership (in 2018, we launched a special page to help church leaders better access what Sight can offer them).

And, of course, we would value your continuing prayer support as we move into 2019 - Sight's role as a Christian voice in the global community remains dependent upon it!

We look forward to seeing where God leads us in 2019 and pray you will continue to be informed, challenged and inspired by what you encounter on Sight.

David Adams is the editor of Sight.

PS. Thanks to all those who completed our reader survey this year. We're closing it shortly but would like to offer you one final chance to help us better understand our audience, so please, if you haven't already, head to the survey.